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Project: Office 1500m2 revitalization Zuidas Amsterdam

Work: construction of complete new WTW installation + channels, New VRF air conditioning installation, electricity installation and data network

Project: Renovation DOJO Sinner in Weesp

Work: construction DOJO and changing rooms and showers, incl.

Project: Renovation former convent + church into 27 care homes in Witmarsum

Work: Total installation advice.

Project: Isolite Almere 4000m2 business hall + 700m2 office complete renovation, turn key.

Work: demolition, structural modifications, walls, floors, painting, garden, street work, installations, new LED lighting, replace existing window frames with HR + glass.

Office + Showroom Almere

Work: Total installations, architectural, system ceilings, floors and finishing, furnishing

Restaurant in Almere

Work: Total installations, Electricity, plumbing, data network, camera and security installations

New Gym in Den Haag

Work: complete turnkey, walls, floors, paintwork, interior design, special customization, installations.

School building Amsterdam

Work: Demolition work 750m2 of sand cement screed.

Business Space / Storage Hall 350m2 Almere.

Work: Electra Installation + LED Lighting.

Office revitalization 2000m2 Amstelveen

Work: Climate Installation and Air-Condition Installation in Server room.

Shop Almere city center

Work: replace entire lighting installation

Splitting Installations Gamma Te Leeuwarden

Work: Total Installations Electra, Plumbing, Data network.

8 Apartments Drachten

Work: CV Installation & Plumber Installation & MV Installation

Showroom + workshop Weesp

Work: construction and delivery infra red heating panels instead of central heating installation

Renovation Devices on the Canal in Amsterdam

Work: Installations, finishing, new kitchen, new bathroom.

8 appartments in Drachten

Work: Total installations, architectural, system ceilings, floors and finishing, furnishing

New construction 4000m2 business hall in Amstelveen

Work: Total installations Electra, plumbing, data network

New restaurant in Almere

Work: Totaal installaties, bouwkundig, systeemplafonds, vloeren en afwerking, inrichting.