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Total Projects

Activities that we take care off are: – Construction work
 – Carpentry
 – Demolition jobs
 – System ceilings
 – Inside walls
 – Painting / stuck work
 – Carper floors
 – Special customization

We take care of our customers, from the start to the finish of a total installations on building projects, both in small and large projects we always deliver a good end result with in the target budget. With our team of professionals we take care of a high quality installation, and their full attention to our customers.

Installation Techique

Installations that we take care off are:

 – Electric technical Installations

 – Central Heating Systems

 – Plumbing Installations

 – Data Networks

 – Security Systems

 – Fire Protection/Prevention Systems

I Need Staff


Our staff consist of:

Build Cleaners,
Scaffolding Builders,

We hire out staff for all projects and events, Currently in the Netherlands the construction field has a shortage of good quality staff. We help fill this gap by providing short and long term staff who are qualified in the desired field

We accompany the staff witch we outsource to our customers, and we have a daily contact with our customers and workers on site about functioning of our workers and their production. With our end goal being an optimal service.

Our Partners